Performance Information

DryerFlex® models DFLX4 and DFLX8 are building code and manufacturer approved 4” round transition duct and are designed for superior performance in connecting the dryer’s exhaust port to a home’s in wall dryer exhaust system. Building code and manufacturer adoption of DryerFlex as a superior solution is based on compliance with IMC 504.4 and IRC 1502.3 as well as a UL 2158A listing.


DryerFlex gets its flexibility, strength and fire resistant capabilities with 5 layers of 25 micron 100% aluminum ribbon, attached over galvanized zinc coated wire. The application method for the aluminum ribbon ensures a consistent 4” inner diameter whether it is fully extended or fully compressed. For fire resistance performance, DryerFlex was lab tested to 662 degrees Fahrenheit without flame or smoke development. The heavy application of aluminum ribbon combined with the resilient strength of galvanized zinc coated wire helps it bounce back from heavy object impacts and makes it highly puncture resistant. The ribbon is tightly wound with a maximum material thickness between wire coils of .005" so the interior is smoother which reduces airflow resistance.