It's Time for Better Than Semi-Rigid

There’s a new, tough as nails, sheriff in town that stands up to rough conditions. He’s a rough hombre but is good at working with the people. Easy to handle, dangerous conditions are no match for DryerFlex. And DryerFlex has his credentials: UL2158A Building Code and Manufacturer approved.

Easy to Use

Due to an advanced manufacturing process, the rigid features that make DryerFlex crush and flame resistant also work in tandem to make it about as easy to adjust as slink foil. Five layers of Aluminum ribbon wrapped around galvanized, zinc coated wire give its toughness and workability. Make it even easier? Include two DryerClamps for the connection. Every DryerFlex you install should be accompanied by advanced, multi-head screws and smooth operation which makes installing them a breeze.

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