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Building Mgmt Company
Friends School of West Chester had an exhaust system that had six diffusers and hundreds of feet of that white 4" flex hose made out of vinyl. I attempted to clean the system because they wanted to rip out the 2 exhaust fans and put in an air circulating system with the existing vinyl ducting. I wasn't happy with the cleaning and suggested replacing the vinyl with your flex products.

They went for it and I installed DryerFlex. Both the school staff and the HVAC company people were impressed with how tough and flexible your products were. They were very happy and convinced there is no other product that would have worked in this application.
Joe Rogers
President, G&T Services
West Chester, CT
Master Electrician
Its a great product that blends UL fire rating with ease of installation and functionality. Really bends into a tight radius without the usual crushing and disfiguring. Thanks for not over promising and selling me a product that underperforms.
Donald Lapointe
President, Lapoint Electrical Service
Ludlow, MA
This is an excellent product, far superior to other aluminum flex hoses. DryerFlex is very easy to work with, and while being extremely flexible, results in a far more ridgid and stable vent hose. Great propduct and great value!
Rob Banathy
Atlanta, GA
This stuff works just like it says. I highly recommend.
Bob Leisenring
Vancouver, WA
Service Company
I have personally installed hundreds of the DryerFlex product in condos, apartments, commercial buildings and residences. Each and everyone one of my clients value the functionality, efficiency and performance the DryerFlex provides. One of the simple examples I show consumers is how the common transition duct can be ignited with a lighter and burn completely -vs- the DryerFlex which does not ignite. Thank you In-O-Vate for providing such a superior product that saves lives!
Mark C. Berry
Owner/Operator Breathe Cleaner Aire
New Bern, NC
Home Inspector
DryerFlex dryer transition duct is a cross between foil and semi-rigid aluminum, but it outperforms both of those materials in every way possible. We feel it's a far better transition duct than anything that's available at home improvement stores.
Reuben Salzman
ASHI Certified Inspector Structure Tech Inspections
Minneapolis, MN
At a very reasonably price, DryerFlex works as advertised and was super easy to install. Wish it were sold in stores.
Dennis Booth
Colonial Heights, VA
Service Company
I change out the transition duct on EVERY JOB that I do with this product. I have almost eliminated the need for close rotating L"s. I show the customer the difference and put a roll in their hands, and they feel the difference right away. It also is marked UL-2158A which meets all residential codes. I also show them the WARNING LABEL on the back of the Dryer that warns of DEATH or FIRE due to improper venting material.
Greg Clark
Owner Green Home
Palm Beach, FL
Service Company
I have used DryerFlex and it's an exceptional product. It combines the versatility of the 'cheap' flex with the durability of rigid steel. I like it.
Scott Rockwell
Sears Home Services
Syracuse, NY
Dryer Flex is amazing. We are very pleased with this item. It is easy to install and works great.
Henry Wendland
Tomball, TX
Service Company
Dryer Flex is a very flexible and still densely built product that gives me confidence when I am installing transition hose into a customer's home. It is the perfect combination of the flex foil and the corrugated aluminum. I expect to be buying this by the case in the near future.
Mark Dadian
Owner Hydro Pro
Laconia, NH
Great product: fire rated (only one I could find other than extremely stiff aluminum), bends with short radius to minimize the gap between back of dryer and wall, and easily remains stiff enough to hold its shape without collapsing. It has all the right design features to prevent lint from collecting in this dryer vent hose.
Tony Little
Bensen, NC
This flexible tube is the best or finest made I have ever known. Not your Wal-Mart/Home Depot type vent host, this is premium stuff. Highly recommend its use.
John Cherryhomes
Fort Worth, TX
Service Company
I just want to say that your dryer transition duct is the best ever! I have been in the business for over ten (10) years and when I received your sample I had it on one of our trucks for a while before needing it. At first site, it appeared to be like the "slinky foil" stuff you get from the home improvement stores. Wow was I wrong… I needed it last week and decided to use it. When I first opened it I was amazed right there how much it was different from the other stuff. The quality of workmanship is impressive. We tried to use "semi-rigid" and steer away from slinky foil (just not the stuff we want to install for our clients because it's a fire hazard and always kinks).

When I installed your product…WOW! It went on so easy, and we could tell it was a better quality product. We'll never look back to the other stuff, it's just not a choice we want to provide to our clients. And our clients are going to be so much happier too! The quality of the workmanship shows the pride you have in your product. We ONLY try to work with companies like yours that take the extra effort to produce better products. Our clients deserve the best product we can provide. Kudos to your company for such a great product. We'll be looking at the other items you also market as well. Again, thank you for such a great product. We look forward to working with your company meeting and exceeding our clients' needs.
Michael Horstman
Owner Apex Socal
San Diego, CA
As I studied how I could re-route the ducting, I stumbled upon this product. I had no idea the silver stuff that was in place was merely silver plastic and very flammable. Working with Dryerflex is a breeze. It bends just right. It stays where you put it. It connects easily to elbows. It can be expanded and contracted with ease. It is easy to cut. And it wont catch fire. Thanks for a great product.
Donna Schulz
Lander, WY
Easy install and highly recommended by our new home inspector. We've had it installed for a few weeks and it's working well!
Bryan Coyle
Minneapolis, MN
Great Price. Doesn't rip, tear or kink. Saved me room, and I was able to slide the dryer closer to the wall. Happy with product.
Manny Gonzalez
Antioch, IL
Finally my clothes are dry. Would recommend this product highly
Elizabeth Terranova
Coram, NY
General Contractor
Awesome product does everything your company stated. Easy to work with, sturdy yet able make tight spots with ease. It forms a nice elbow on its own. Customers of my business love it when I explain the features of Dryerflex.
Harry Gladding
Owner / Operator Dryer Vent Services (804) 761 8060
Tappahannock, VA
I have installed a couple of these hoses now and they are far more tear resistant than the cheap foil type from big box stores, yet are flexible enough that the machine can be moved close to the wall without crushing the hose. Add the fact that it is UL listed for fire resistance and this is one great product!
Michael Baron
Irvine, CA
I recently purchased this item. This is a HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT AND A VERY GOOD VALUE FOR THE MONEY
Michael Gross
Seekonk, MA
Very happy with this product, the only thing that fits in a very small space between the wall and dryer, highly recommend. If not for this product, I would've needed to custom make a hose/duct to fit in the small space that I have. Delivered as promised!
Shay Ashual
New York, NY
Expanding it out to the full 48 inches, it stands up by itself!! Install was a snap. Highly recommend.
Andrew Pearson
Nashville, TN
I did not know how great this hose was until I saw some others people had. It is pure quality. I will be recommending your hose to everyone I know. I feel this is the best hose on the market. Safety first, is how I feel and this hose does just that.
Len Hebert
Athol, MA
Very pleased with the hose. It is a vast improvement over the flexible vinyl tubing I was using. I tried using rigid metal tubing which came with attachment collars installed on the tubing but when I moved the dryer back into place against the wall the rigid tubing crushed. The DryFlex hose does not crush and retains its' shape.
Paul Radzilowski
Southfield, MI
My dryer is large and my laundry closet is small. This awesome duct allowed us to get as close to the wall as possible while keeping the the diameter at 4 in and after all the torture we put it through trying to have the duct bend instead of "s" (the dryer out and the wall inlet were at the same height) it never punctured. I pulled the dryer back out just to be sure and it was in perfect shape. This stuff is the BEST!
Kevin Henderson
Portland, OR
Highly recommended by our new home inspector. We've had it installed for a few weeks and it's working well!
Bryan Coyle
Minneapolis, MN
Service Company
Nice to work with. Heavy duty does not sag. Not flimsy like what I find locally! Good price too!
Ernie Williams
Pittsburgh, PA
It's more flexible than a hard vent, and won't dent. It's not a piece of garbage like the normal foil connecters, and looks likely to give me better airflow. If you want something durable, this is the way to go (I would have paid twice as much, frankly).
Rob Robinson
Hoover, AL