DryerFlex for Your Home

Because it is so very important, for efficiency and safety, that the dryer exhaust system is clean from the inside of the dryer cabinet all the way through the walls and to the outside termination, we recommend professional, certified service companies for your transition hose upgrade. When done in conjunction with an annual dryer exhaust service visit, you will know that your system is clean, safe and efficient.

Certified service companies have professional grade tools, products and know-how that get the job done right.

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DryerFlex® in Canada

You can get DryerFlex for your home for DIY installation.
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Service companies can tap serious resources for integrating DryerFlex into a comprehensive service offering. DryerFlex helps your technicians finish the job faster, and it helps your customers rest easy knowing they have safe and efficient transition hose behind the dryer. For more information on marketing, training and profit growth resources, please contact Bobby Chisholm (Northern Region) or Matt Rinehart (Southern Region), today at 561-744-0473. (See map below for regions.)

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